March 15 Letter from EVP Tricia Schroeder to K-12 members

Dear school employee and SEIU 925 member,

SEIU 925 is working closely with other unions who represent K-12 employees to ensure continued pay for ALL school employees during extended closures. 

Working together, union chapter leaders and management will figure out a plan that takes care of our kids, school staff, and community during this uprecedented crisis.

  • We are working with districts to make sure many are options available: continued work, alternate work assignments providing services to children & communities, professional development time, paid leave, and perhaps unemployment insurance.
  • We have secured health insurance due to passage of Senate Bill 6189.

This situation is new territory for everyone, and school districts may need some time to put workable plans in place to provide community services.

If this public health pandemic has shown us anything, it is how connected we all are to each other: as a union, we have always known that we are stronger together and that  I am confident that SEIU 925 members will rise to the occasion in every community across Washington.

You can check our Facebook page or SEIU 925 website for resources and general information on our union’s response to COVID-19. 

Contact your union organizer or chapter leaders for district-specific information, and stay tuned as we provide updates as they become available.

In the meantime, stay safe and well.


Tricia Schroeder, Executive Vice President
SEIU 925

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