Raise the U-PASS and parking by 43%? No Way!

There are proposals on the table from Transportation management to raise the U-PASS and parking by as much as 43%. The U-PASS could cost $70!

Why the proposed hike?  UW administrators mismanaged the program and recently conceded a dispute over back transportation taxes to the City of Seattle.  (The City wanted to charge more taxes on the parking program and treat UW more like a private corporation.)

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The Administration walked away from the dispute because they were more concerned about their other interests with the City (UW owns a lot of property), than with their own employees.

All the reserves in the transit program were spent to pay back taxes and the administration had to pay one million dollars more to the City. Now they are charging the Transportation program for the money – which means they want employees to pay!

The Administration has substantially cut the proportion they pay for the U-PASS since it was created.   Now they only pay 20% of the cost.  They raised parking and the U-PASS 14% last year.

A private sector employer in the U District can get the same program and employees pay much less.

It’s time for a change.  Today as a union we are demanding that:

  1. The UW absorb the cost of the mismanaged taxes, not employees.
  2. Management increase UW financial support for the U-PASS to cut the cost.
  3. Medical Center fix parking for those healthcare employees whose shifts and requirements make public transit unworkable.
  4. Management work with our unions to get tax relief for our program from the City.
  5. Management work with our unions to advocate for improved transit service to all UW workplaces.

Tell President Cauce that UW is a public institution.  Let’s act like a public service so we are treated like a public service, not a corporation.

Download a pdf petition.


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