\ Antioch Faculty Ratify Historic Contract

Antioch Faculty Ratify Historic Contract


Antioch University Faculty

Our union is growing stronger every day and last Tuesday is just one amazing example of that fact.

Antioch University faculty voted unanimously to ratify their first contract. In doing so, they became one of the first faculty unions at a private sector university in Washington to do so. This is historic!

University faculty across our state believe that joining a union can help improve the quality of education and help fight against the corporatization of higher education.

Saint Martin’s University Faculty Union Organizing Committee

Our historic accomplishment at Antioch is an important step forward in continuing to grow a strong union that can help hold schools, corporations and elected officials accountable.

At Saint Martin’s University in Lacey, contingent faculty also took a major step to join SEIU 925 by asking for a union election. They were joined by students and alumni in asking the SMU administration to take a neutral stance as they seek to form a union.

The labor movement has had a challenging year, but time and time again our members have shown the strength of our union. In the last month alone our members have won major victories, including:

  • At the University of Washington, our members successfully fought back against a proposed 43% increase in the cost of the U-PASS transportation package and any increases that could occur have been delayed until June.
  • Our Family Child Care chapter successfully got their contract funded through a very difficult legislative session. They did so by sending hundreds of messages directly to legislators through phone calls and emails, working with parents to write letters to their local newspapers, and they went to Olympia to help ensure legislators didn’t let the clock run out on children.

As a union we have momentum on our side. When we stick together we can accomplish great things. Now let’s keep the momentum going!

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