Champions for Working People – 2016 Endorsements

It’s clear our state and country are at a crossroads. While the majority of families continue to suffer from soaring income inequality, big corporations who’ve rigged the system get richer at the expense of the rest of us. We need elected leaders who will stand up for working families, not the wealthy few.
dafdsThat’s why our Political Organizing Committee made up of members like me from across the state, painstakingly reviewed questionnaires and interviewed candidates. Some made it clear they’ll be champions for us in Olympia – and some just didn’t make the grade.
Our local has also made I-1433, Raise Up Washington, a top priority this year. This initiative would raise the statewide minimum wage and give over a million hardworking people across the state access to paid sick days. Together, we’ve collected over 9,000 signatures – and if you still have petitions with signatures, mail them back to the campaign today!
Whether it’s interviewing candidates, registering new voters, gathering signatures, or getting out the vote, we all have a role to play in this year’s critical elections. Building our union power is the only way we can secure raises, fix pay scale ceilings, and protect pensions. Will you join me, and get involved politically with our union?
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Statewide Office:
Jay Inslee (Governor)
Cyrus Habib (Lt. Governor)
Erin Jones (Superintendent of Public Instruction)
Chris Reykdal (Superintendent of Public Instruction)
Tina Podlodowski (Secretary of State)
Jeff Sprung (State Auditor)
Mark Miloscia (State Auditor)

Shelley Kloba (1st LD, Kirkland)
Amy Pivetta Hoffman (2nd LD, SE Pierce County)
Timm Ormsby (3rd LD, Spokane)
Darcy Burner (5th LD, Issaquah and east King County)
Matt Larson (5th LD, Issaquah and east King County)
Jason Ritchie (5th LD, Issaquah and east King County)
Steve Berquist (11th LD, SE Seattle)
JD Rossetti (19th LD, Pacific coast)
Brian Blake (19th LD, Pacific coast)
Strom Peterson (21st LD, Mukilteo)
Lillian Ortiz-Self (21st LD, Mukilteo)
Laurie Dolan (22nd LD, Olympia)
Beth Doglio (22nd LD, Olympia)
Sherry Appleton (23rd LD, Poulsbo/Bainbridge Island)
Drew Hansen (23rd LD, Poulsbo/Bainbridge Island)
Jamie Smith (25th LD, Puyallup)
Michelle Chatterton (25th LD, Puyallup)
Larry Seaquist (26th LD, Kitsap Peninsula)
Jake Fey (27th LD, Tacoma)
Christine Kilduff (28th LD, Lakewood)
Mari Leavitt (28th LD, Lakewood)
David Sawyer (29th LD, Tacoma)
Steve Kirby (29th LD, Tacoma)
Michael Pellicciotti (30th LD, Federal Way)
Kristine Reeves (30th LD, Federal Way)
Cindy Ryu (32nd LD, Shoreline)
Ruth Kagi (32nd LD, Shoreline)
Tina Orwall (33rd LD, SeaTac/Des Moines/Kent)
Mia Gregerson (33rd LD, SeaTac/Des Moines/Kent)
Eileen Cody (34th LD, SW Seattle)
Joe Fitzgibbon (34th LD, SW Seattle)
Irene Bowling (35th LD, Mason County)
Craig Patti (35th LD, Mason County)
Noel Frame (36th LD, Seattle)
Gael Tarleton (36th LD, Seattle)
Sharon Tomiko-Santos (37th LD, SE Seattle)
Eric Pettigrew (37th LD, SE Seattle)
Mike Sells (38th LD, Everett)
June Robinson (38th LD, Everett)
Linda Wright (39th LD, Snohomish County)
Kristine Lytton (40th LD, Bellingham)
Jeff Morris (40th LD, Bellingham)
Tana Senn (41st LD, Mercer Island/Bellevue)
Judy Clibborn (41st LD, Mercer Island/Bellevue)
Nicole Macri (43rd LD, Seattle)
Frank Chopp (43rd LD, Seattle)
John Lovick (44th LD, Lake Stevens)
Roger Goodman (45th LD, Kirkland)
Gerry Pollett (46th LD, Seattle)
Jessyn Farrell (46th LD, Seattle)
Patty Kuderer (48th LD, Bellevue)
Joan McBride (48th LD, Bellevue)
Monica Stonier (49th LD, Vancouver)
Alishia Topper (49th LD, Vancouver)

Mark Mullet (5th LD, Issaquah/east King County)
Angie Homola (10th LD, Camano Island)
Maureen Walsh (18th LD, Walla Walla)
Tim Probst (17th LD, Clark County)
Bob Hasegawa (11th LD, SE Seattle)
Erik Lee (22nd LD, Olympia)
Sam Hunt (22nd LD, Olympia)
Karl Mecklenburg (25th LD, Puyallup)
Jeannie Darnielle (27th LD, Tacoma)
Marisa Peloquin (28th LD, Lakewood)
Kevin Ranker (40th LD, Anacortes)
Annette Cleveland (49th LD, Vancouver)

Other races:
Shawn Nyman (Cowlitz County Council)
David Estudillo (Grant County Superior Court Judge)
Cathy Moore (King County Superior Court Judge)
Jackson Schmidt (King County Superior Court Judge)
Rico Tessandore (Snohomish County Superior Court Judge)

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