Action Alert: Government Shutdown?

ACTION ALERT: Government Shutdown?

Childcare providers — print this flyer to share with parents and ask them to make a call: govtshutdown flyer for childcare and parents

We are now well into the second extended legislative session and too many legislators are still refusing to negotiate. While the House and Governor continue to bring compromises forward, the Senate majority has decided to put ideology ahead of passing a responsible budget. Senator Rodney Tom, in particular, is holding up negotiations and preventing the Legislature from coming to a budget deal. Call Senator Tom and tell him to pass a responsible budget today:  360-786-7694

A responsible budget is within reach. For instance, we could close a loophole for cable companies to bring in an additional $85 million for our schools and communities. Even the cable companies agree with this plan! Unfortunately, Senators bent on getting their way are refusing to negotiate. Make your call now: 360-786-7694

Though the decisions in Olympia may seem very far away from our daily lives, if a state budget isn’t passed soon this will all become very real for us. We face a full government shut down if there isn’t a state budget by July 1st. The state is still trying to figure out what that would mean but this much is clear:

  • The entire Working Connections Child Care program would come to an immediate halt. Parents would have no access to care. Providers, our SEIU 925 members, would be reimbursed for all care provided through June 30th. Providers would not be reimbursed or subsidized for care after June 30.
  • School districts may be okay for a few weeks due to the way state payments are structured. However, after that, many districts, especially the less wealthy ones, may not have the resources to pay their employees – also SEIU 925 members.
  • It is unclear whether SEIU 925 members at University of Washington would face temporary layoffs. Though the University has funds to cover some programs, others may be shut down which could result in layoffs.

There is a lot up in the air about this potential shutdown and everything is changing quickly. Members from around the state are working tirelessly to get the Legislature to pass a budget that supports working families. We know that action from members is critical to ensure that legislators get a budget before July 1. Let’s avoid a government shutdown and pass a responsible budget today. Call Senator Rodney Tom at 360-786-7694 and tell him: “Don’t shut down child care, our schools, universities or our state government. Pass a responsible budget now!”

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