Non-expiring License Clarification

Non-Expiring License Clarification

To qualify for a non-expiring license, licensees must submit required paperwork to DEL on an annual basis.

Annual paperwork is due 30 days prior to the anniversary date. The anniversary date is the month and day the licensee’s first license was issued.

Providers should receive a notice and invoice (for your licensing fee) from DEL about 90 days prior to the anniversary date.


To maintain a non-expiring license, licensees must: WAC 170-296A-1450

·        Submit the non-refundable ‘Annual Licensing Fee’ on time and mail payment to the department listed on the bill (NOT your licensor)

·        Submit an ‘Annual Declaration Form’ that indicates the licensee intends to continue operating your childcare business and declare that, to the best of your knowledge, you are in compliance with all licensing rules to your licensor. ( Note: WAC requires doing this 30 days prior to your anniversary date, but it is recommended that you do this within the 90 days prior to your anniversary date.

·        Submit a ‘Background Checklist for Family Homes’ form listing ALL household family members (with and without background checks), volunteers and assistants. List their birthdates and the date of their last cleared background check (the date is found on the top of the document that DEL sent you on the departments letterhead). This form should be changing in April to reflect the Non-Criminal Background Checks for children in your home that are between 13yr to 16yr olds.

·        Note: Be sure to list members of your family that are your assistants in both the household member section AND the assistant/volunteer sections to show DEL who is working with you.

·        Submit ‘Background Check Applications’ to your licensor on the schedule established by DEL —every three years and when a new person is hired or, when a new person moves into the home, or a household member turns 16. (

  • Look at the date on top of each cleared background form sent to you by DEL. Send a new completed background check application to your licensor 30 day prior to their expiration dates. Remember to keep a copy of the completed form for your records before you send it to your licensor. Make sure to make a note of the date you sent the form in for clearance.

Note: Starting April 2012 the non-criminal background checks for individuals residing in your home ages 13 – 16 years and assistants ages 14- 16 years old will added to this requirement.

Please note: If a licensee does not submit all required items on time, the license will expire. By law, the licensee will need to cease providing care and reapply for a license. DEL will have 90 days after receiving the new application to authorize a new license.

Monitoring Visits:
Submitted by Deborah Thurber – Family Childcare Provider Spokane Valley

·        DEL will continue to conduct monitoring visits family homes at least once every 18 months (from the date of their last visit give or take 89 days).

·        ALL monitoring visits will be unannounced.

·        As always, the goal during monitoring visits is to offer technical assistance to licensees and help licensees comply with licensing rules.

·        Typically, DEL licensors will use an “abbreviated” checklist during monitoring visits. If there are valid complaints, a history of noncompliance or incomplete compliance issues from the prior visit, the licensor will typically use the “full” checklist. If during a monitoring visit, DEL licensors finds noncompliance in any of the following three areas, the “full” checklist will be used:

· Staff: Child ratio and group size

· Staff qualifications: Director, teachers, family home licensee

· Supervision: Discipline

Research shows that these three areas are linked to safety and health for children.

Find the “full” and “abbreviated” checklists online at

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