Shared Leave

January 21, 2016 – 

Hello my union family,

I will be going on medical leave 1/22 for additional treatment. I’m reaching out to my Union family and asking if you know of anyone whom would like to donate any sick or vacation time. Can you please give them my name?

This is my third surgery within one year and I’m praying to God this will be my last.

I have exhausted all of my sick and vacation time. Please keep me in your prayers.

I have attached the share leave link at the bottom.

Warm Heart,
Penny Brooks
September 30, 2015 –

Adam Sommerhause, Project Services, Shop 52 has been approved for shared leave.  If you would like to donate time, please see the administrative support person in your area for the form or go to – – and then turn that in to your administrative staff person.

Here’s how you can  post your shared leave request on this page.

1) Get approved. You’ll need to get approval from HR. Download a shared leave application from the UW HR page.

2) Get posted. Email with the subject line: shared leave for website to request posting on this page. See the posts above for examples of the kind of information that might be useful to include. Shared leave postings are open to members of Local 925 who work for the University of Washington. Recruit a friend. Ask a co-worker to serve as your advocate. Pick someone who knows you, knows your work and will be an effective advocate for you. That person can circulate your request by e-mail or in person. If you’ve recently worked in another department, consider asking someone there to circulate your request as well.

Shared Leave Expanded:

March 2004–Shared leave can now be donated to state employees who would have to take leave without pay when called to duty in the uniformed services of the United States. This is in addition to the donation of shared leave to state employees that is allowed when an employee would have to take leave without pay or leave state employment because of a personal serious health condition, or because the employee has a family or household member with a serious health condition. An employee who receives a shared leave donation for either military service or because of a health condition must use all eligible paid leave before the donated shared leave hours may be used.

The amount of sick leave that may be donated as shared leave is no longer limited, except that the donating employee must retain a balance of 176 hours of sick leave after the donation is made. Before the change in law, an employee was limited to donating a maximum of 6 days (48 hours) of sick leave as shared leave in a 12-month period, and the employee had to retain a balance of at least 480 hours of sick leave.

How to Donate Leave:

The shared leave program covers WPRB and Contract Classified Staff, Professional Staff Employees and Librarians at the University of Washington. This includes the members of the SEIU Local 925 bargaining units at the University.

The purpose of the Washington State Shared Leave Program is to permit state employees to aid another state employee who is suffering from or has a relative or household member who is suffering from an extraordinary or severe illness or injury.

A minimum of four vacation hours must be contributed.

The donor must maintain a minimum balance equivalent to ten workdays after donation (80 hours for full-time, prorated for part-time).

Sick Leave may be donated to a maximum of six days (48 hours for full-time, prorated for part-time). A minimum of four sick leave hours must be contributed. The donating employee’s sick leave balance may not drop below 480 hours.

Questions regarding the Shared Leave Program should be directed to your department.

The Operations Manual, D 45.10 contains information about the Shared Leave Program. The departments should have the shared leave forms.

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