A Voice for Working Families

Through COPE, SEIU members have made big changes:

  • National: In 2008 we elected a new President and decided the balance of power in Congress. We continue to hold these elected officials accountable.
  • State: We vote on a Governor, State Legislators and ballot initiatives.  In 2009 we defeated I-1033 which would have caused even more cuts to our state budget.
  • Local: In 2009 we helped elect leaders at the local level who will fight for working families -including King County Executive Dow Constantine and Seattle Mayor Mike McGinn. We support bond and levy campaigns that directly impact our lives.

Why do politics matter?

SEIU Local 925 has built a track record of political effectiveness. We are winning more than ever for our members. We can either make progress toward affordable health care, retirement security and decent wages for working families, or be frustrated as elected officials ignore our needs.

As public employees (or private non-profits based on public funding), we rely on public funds to cover our wages, health care, pensions and working conditions. Our jobs are directly impacted by elections, legislative decisions, ballot initiatives and local bonds and levies.

What is COPE?

The Committee on Political Empowerment (COPE) is our political action fund. By pooling our resources through regular, small, voluntary contributions, SEIU members can raise the money it takes to make our voice heard. Separate from our union dues, COPE contributions are devoted exclusively to politics. Our political action fund pays for:

  • Keeping SEIU members informed on key issues that affect our future.
  • Rallies, phone banks, worksite and neighborhood canvasses, and other ways of building public support on working family issues.
  • Voter registration, get-out-the-vote drives, supporting (or opposing) ballot initiatives and financial support for candidates who stand up for working families.

Our SEIU political action program is independent of the Democrats or Republicans (we’ve endorsed and opposed both). Our goal is to hold all politicians accountable to do what’s right for working people.

A voice for Working Families! Contribute to COPE!

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