Retiree Chapter

SEIU 925 members often retire from decades of public service and find that they still want to be involved in their union!

The Retiree Chapter is a group of active retirees from SEIU who meet quarterly in order to stay involved in various issues that are important to them as senior citizens and labor union supporters. We participate in activities based on what we individually value and what we have time for.

If you are retired or nearing retirement and want to stay connect to the labor movement, come join our group!
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SEIU 925 Retiree Chapter Officers

Neal Culver, President
Neal worked in Information Technology at the University of Washington in Seattle for 30 years, retiring in 2011. He joined SEIU in the early 80’s and was an active member until promoted out of the bargaining unit in 2001. He joined the Retiree Chapter to help preserve Social Security, Medicare, and all the other hard-won rights and benefits that the labor movement has achieved.

Allison Longley, Vice President
Alison had a great job at the UW’s Primate Information Center: reading about monkeys and apes, deciding what topics each scientific article or book was covering, and coding that into a literature database, PrimaLit. This work also connected her to SEIU 925, where she keeps up connections and activism through the retiree chapter.

Cindy Cole, Secretary Treasurer
Cindy worked at SEIU 925 as the office manager from 1984 to 2006. As part of a growing union during those years, she took part in lobby days, neighbor to labor campaigns, and union rallies. Cindy has become part of the 925 Retiree group because she believes that the union movement is essential in giving power to workers. Working people need a voice for good jobs, good working conditions, good pay and adequate time off for family and friends!