A note from our new president Tricia Schroeder

Welcome to 2022! As the new President of SEIU 925, I am optimistic and excited to enter this new year and continue our union’s commitment to building a better world for all workers.

Growing up in the town of Union, WA (yes, really!) I saw hard-working people stretch themselves to the bone but not make enough to pay bills or put gas in the car to get to their jobs. Folks went without medical care for on-the-job injuries. Many had no hope of retiring with dignity.

I’m proud of my small-town roots. My background has helped me realize that joining together in a union is how everyday people can build power and make real differences in their families and communities. No matter where you live, the color of your skin, or the language you speak, workers everywhere deserve protection, pay, and respect. Unions are key to improving safety, wages, and benefits, and for reducing racial and gender disparities in the workplace.

I have exciting news as we start this new year:

  • Faculty at Antioch University locations across the country and online voted to join our union! The National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) counted votes before the holidays. Newly-eligible members will still have to bargain and vote on a contract, but will join the existing SEIU 925 chapter based at Antioch-Seattle.
  • Staff in the UW Libraries system also voted to become SEIU 925 members, and are bargaining their first contract!

2022 will be a big contract bargaining year for members in SEIU 925’s Family Child Care chapter as well as for UW classified staff. Many K-12 school district classified staff and Local Government employees have recently wrapped up long negotiations with employers, and many are still hard at work at the bargaining table.

We’re going to do great things this year because that’s what we do at SEIU 925, and I’m excited to do it with all of you.

We are stronger together,

Tricia Schroeder, President
SEIU 925