Family Child Care Chapter Elections

Candidates for Chapter President / Candidata para Presidente del Capítulo / Guddoomiyaha Ururka 

Trenise Rogers  
Sabah Saed
My name is Sabah Saed, and I am a state trainer. I’m a CPR certified trainer, a childcare owner of twenty years, a mother of 8, and a community leader. I’m also a poet and author of children’s books. I’m passionate about connecting people to not only resources, but one another as well. “Lift as we climb” is a mantra I live by. I strive to be a voice for others and to help empower them to use their own as well. I am bilingual, I speak Somali and English. I’m a student at North Seattle community college working on My BAS in early childhood education. In my free time I like to spend time with my family and play competitive sports. I’ve always been passionate about soccer. I want to thank you all for the nomination of FCC president. I greatly appreciate it!

Diana Llanes-Macias

Hello, my name is Diana Llanes Macias and I was born in Los Mochis, Sinaloa Mexico. 

In June 2018 I opened my Family Home Daycare and in December 2022 I opened my Preschool in the City of Burien too. 

During the last two years I have dedicated myself to growing Professionally and Personally, taking courses on how to grow my business, how to support members of my community to undertake and start their own business.

One of the experiences that has been most fulfilling for me is participating as a member of my Union SEIU 925 and being able to advocate for Providers like me for better benefits. 

I am currently a Community Connector with the City of Burien, where I organize events so that Latino members like me have a connection with the City of Burien and can have a voice and have an opinion on the decisions that they are taken for improvements of our beautiful City.

I have participated as a Mentor at Imagine Institute where the necessary tools and training are provided to providers who begin to undertake from home doing this beautiful work of providing essential and high-quality care to children in our community.

Gloria Vasquez 

Hola! I am an Family Child Care Provider, for the past 8 years in Wenatchee, most of my life has been spent in advocating and supporting low-income communities and who may have limited opportunities. Since I’ve become a member of SEIU 925 I have participated in events and provide advocacy in support of better quality of life and fair wages for members. As a member of the Negotiations Team I have been able express the needs of providers. One of my better qualities is I strive to help, support, and share information to our membership. I respect people’s different cultures and points of opinion in my voice at meetings and at the negation table. My mission in life is Empower my colleagues to be successful in their  businesses and their lives, I would like continue to establish bridges between members and the State so that we are all connected and support each other.

Maria Sosa

I was born in the city of Cordoba Veracruz, Mexico in 1966, being my parents who formed a family of 10 children where we learned the value of solidarity, I am currently the mother of 6 children and wife of my life partner, Marco A. Gonzales.

I consider myself a person with firm aspirations in the face of the life’s challenges, so I am in constant professional training, from a very young age I made the decision to consolidate my academic studies in the area of education since I always been convinced that it is the best way to help people.

Today, I develop as a professional in the field of early childhood education in my community, my experience of 24 years of service leads me to carry out actions in favor of the formation of families, considering the inclusion of different cultures and gastronomy as the main value.

I consider as the main source of personal inspiration the love of God, heling the most needy and unity in families, my main human activities being dancing and tropical music, salsa, merengue and instrumental.

Katherine Green

My name is Katherine Green. I am a licensed Family Home Childcare Provider in Seattle, Washington. My journey of childcare began in 1996-2002 as a Licensed Childcare Center in Seattle, Washington. With the desire in my heart to still pursue my childcare journey. I went to Renton Technical College and received my ECE in Childcare. While receiving my ECE I completed my internship at Tiny Tots Development Center and Boeing’s Bright Horizons. Following receiving my ECE I became the Director of Toddler Tech Development Center. In 2005 I opened 1stStart Family Home Center LLC in my home. For 28 years I have operated my childcare program along with experiencing many milestones in the childcare field. Seattle Early First Reading Program, City of Seattle Advisory Team, City of Seattle Preschool Program Participant, SEIU Advisory team, many trips to Olympia meeting with our politicians, screening candidates for political positions, training friends’ family and neighbors and lead mentor for Imagine U. I now have a BAS in Early Childhood Education from North Seattle College. With the experience and years of service in childcare and education, I can produce and represent our union, providers, and community with a great service.

Candidates for Chapter Vice President / Candidata para Vice Presidente del Capítulo / Guddoomiye ku Xugeenka Ururka 

Maria Guadalupe Suarez 

Greetings to each of you. My name is Maria Guadalupe Suarez, daughter of Martin and Elena Suarez. We have been based in the Wenatchee area for over 35 years. I am an early childhood teacher who has owned my business which bears my name “Lupita’s Daycare” for over 4 years. As well as founder of the Mexican Fiestas in my community of Wenatchee since 1999. My education is based on experience working in public schools and with special children. In my lifetime I also obtained the CDA credential from the Bilingual professional consulate in the preschool area, MyTeachStone Certification in the area of preschool through 3rd grade and young children which is known as CLASS observer, a BA in Art Education and a Master’s in Education. I believe in my opinion that I can be a great candidate to represent each of you in the UNION/SEIU 925 and to be able to collectivley form a unity group to achieve this goal, I need your support and your VOTE. I invite you all to come together hand in hand to make a big difference – VOTE FOR ME! Thank you

Lorena Miranda

Let me introduce myself, I am Lorena Miranda, a  licensed child care provider located at 814 Tennant Ln Yakima WA  since 2017, where I have lived since 1992.

My background goes as follows; I am currently working with child care aware of Washington and DCYF in a policy making to help providers get a better salary, I’ve been in the steering  council committee and the bargaining team for 4 years, I worked with Imagine institute helping providers with grant applications, I volunteer with WASIN, I do advocacy for providers in my region, I am a local leader, I worked with EPIC, and the Toppenish school district, and I had many other roles with in the early education profession.

As a licensed child care provider I have always brought abundance of energy, creativity, dedication, experience and personal knowledge to my work. You can be assured that I will work for the benefit of all the child care providers in the state of Washington if elected for the Vice President role I will continue working with the licensing department to resolve the issues we have been facing, I will continue working towards getting more and better benefits for our future and retirement.

Jacqueline Chavez

Hello, I’m Jaqueline Chavez, I was born in Mexico, but I have been residing in the United States for more than 30 years. I am a graduate in Mexico with a degree in Accounting. In the early 90s I got married and settled in Washington State, I have two sons, and I started in the area of child care and early education. To date I have been dedicating myself to this work for more than 22 years. The main reasons that led me to train in this sector were the education of my two children, in addition to observing a growing need for professional child care for the families and community of Pasco and Tri-cities Washington. As a provider, I am interested in the comprehensive development of children, so I constantly prepare and train myself to promote a dynamic that promotes the skills and attitudes of children, an environment of equity and development in its different areas. Our union, SEIU 925, has brought many opportunities and beneficial contributions and I would like to be part of it to learn more and be part of our growing committee and help by contributing my knowledge and ideas. Thank you.