North Kitsap Tentative Agreement 2021

Wins in our New Contract: Click here to vote on this contract:
SEIU retains our yearly wage study language and agrees to a new date of completion to August 31 of the current school year, so any potential increases will be applied at the beginning of the next school year in your September payroll, no more waiting and retro, you will receive it sooner and by gathering the data from other schools by August prior to the start of the new school year other districts most will likely be done bargaining so we  potentially gather more accurate data to increase wages.

(NEW!) Compensation of a onetime stipend: $300.00 dollars
 If you worked in your assigned capacity during Sept,1,2020 through August 31,2021 and are currently employed with the district. Once completing the final training for the 20-21 school year. The final training will be assigned through online vector Training through safe schools: “Coronavirus 108: The Basic Vaccines” 

(NEW!)   Longevity Pay 
15-19 years –   $0.50
20-24 years   – $0 .75
25 plus years – $1.00(NEW!) Protective Clothing
Maintenance and Custodial will receive $150.00 annually with valid receipt and paperwork for footwear.
Food service will receive $ 150.00 every two years for footwear.

(NEW!)   Holidays 
New one added Juneteenth

(NEW!)   Out of Class Pay 
50 cents per hour 

(NEW!)   Food Service 
Staff who are required to work in two or more schools will be paid 15 minutes travel time between schools
(NEW!)   Wages will be adjusted by the wage study, IPD or 2%for the 2021-2022 school year, whichever is greater. Wages will be adjusted by the wage study, IPD or 1% for the 2022-2023 school year, whichever is greater. If another bargaining unit within this district should receive an across-the-board wage increase, then this unit will re-open for wage discussion.

(NEW!)   Reimbursement of Professional fees up to $250.00 
Based on verification of the expense and attendance of training from any of the following organizations:.
* Washington Association of Maintenance and Operations
* Service International union, Local 925
* Washington School Nutrition Association
* School Nutrition Association 
* ASTEC Association of Science and Technology
* Pacific Horticulture 

Clean-up language in the new contract: 
* We addressed Labor Management Problem Solving Teams New * Protocols 
* Annual Bargaining lists provided to SEIU
* Stronger language around sub-contracting
* Union leaves 7.8 and Union Orientation and Union access
* SEBB Healthcare Follow the law
* Job descriptions changes Union will be notified regarding any impacts 
* Clean up language around involuntary and voluntary transfer
* Hiring process having SEIU members present for interviews 
* Clean up language around surveillance cameras

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