Our 2023 Endorsements

To earn SEIU 925’s endorsement, candidates must fill out a questionnaire and sit for an interview where union members ask about their past partnership with unions, how they will advance racial equity at the city, county, or school board level, and their positions on key issues to SEIU 925 members. 

Note:  a nonpartisan race with 2 or fewer candidates on the ballot will not appear on the primary ballot – only the general.  Thus, you may not have every one of these races on your ballot.  If you want to get involved in our union’s political program, email action[at]seiu925[dot]org.

Here are SEIU 925’s member-voted picks for the 2023 election. 

King County Council
District 2: Girmay Zahilay
District 4: Jorge Baron
District 6: Claudia Balducci
District 8: Teresa Mosqueda

Edmonds Mayor
Mike Nelson

Everett School Board
Position 5: Charles Adkins
Charles is running for Everett School Board, At-Large Position 5. Adkins is a proud member of the Yurok Tribe and a graduate of Everett High who wants to prioritize support for homeless students, partnering with unions to help connect students with opportunities in the trades, and creating additional supports for Native students in the district. 925 members are excited to see Charles run and proud to endorse his campaign!

Bellevue City Council
Position 1: John Stokes
Position 5: Janice Zahn

Burien City Council
Position 2: Cydney Moore
Position 4: Patricia Hudson
Position 6: Krystal Marx

Issaquah City Council
Position 2: Zach Hall

Kirkland City Council
Position 6: Amy Falcone

La Center School Board
Position 2: Shannon Cluphf
Shannon is running for La Center School Board, Position 2. Cluphf is a member of the Oregon Nurses Association and a former aviation boatswain’s mate for the US Navy. She wants schools to focus on creating a safer workplace for K-12 staff, diverting more funds to the staff and teachers that support the students, and wants to create a framework to help address homelessness in the student population. 925 is excited to see her run and proud to endorse her campaign.

Renton City Council
Position 5: Ed Prince
Position 7: Michael Westgaard

SeaTac City Council
Position 1: Senayet Negusse

Seattle City Council
District 1: Maren Costa
District 2: Tammy Morales
District 3: Alex Hudson
District 4: Ron Davis
District 6: Dan Strauss
District 7: Andrew Lewis

Valley Medical Center Hospital Board of Commissioners
Position 1: Anthony Berkley

Vancouver School Board
Position 1: Kyle Sproul
Kyle is excited to run for re-election to Vancouver School Board, Position 1. Sproul’s work on the Budget Committee for Vancouver School Board has helped the district weather budget concerns, and she is committed to having open and transparent discussions with 925 members about finances. Her work next term is to continue focusing on equity for staff and students, creating partnerships with community organizations to support housing-vulnerable families and students, and creating sustainable energy-efficient building projects.

Position 4: Kathy Decker
As a former member of the Vancouver Educators Association, Kathy is excited to run for re-election to Vancouver School Board, Position 4. In coordination with other members of Vancouver School Board, Decker helped develop the Equity Lens, which Vancouver School Board uses to make sure decisions reflect their goals for Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion. If elected, Decker is prioritizing continuing her work on equity in the school district. 925 is excited to support her candidacy.

Position 5: Tracie Barrows
Tracie is running for re-election to Vancouver School Board, Position 5. As a member of the Evergreen Educators Association and a school psychologist, Barrows prioritizes the mental health and well-being of students. She has worked hard to institute equity programs in the district so demographics don’t determine outcomes, and has also worked to build a skilled trades center at Hudson’s Bay so students know college isn’t the only path into the workforce. We’re proud to support her campaign.

Vancouver City Council
Position 6: Sarah Fox

Whatcom County Sheriff
Donnell “Tank” Tanksley