SEIU 925 statement on the murder of George Floyd

We find ourselves once again heartbroken and enraged by the murder of another black man by police officers in Minneapolis. George Floyd’s murder is an injustice that illustrates the endless cycle of violence against Black Americans, followed by outrage and no lasting systemic change.

As a union that unites thousands of working people regardless of where we live or the color of our skin, Local 925 members recognize that no one lives a single-issue life. Local 925 will continue to work to dismantle racism in our society and advocate for all workers both in and out of the workplace. It is our responsibility as a labor community to build a better, safer and more inclusive future.

The murder of George Floyd is a tragedy for his loved ones, his community and our country as a whole. It is important that we take care of one another during this difficult time. The trauma of the continuous attacks on Black people paired with the current pandemic is exceptionally cruel. When we see our brothers and sisters attacked, our own sense of safety and security is also attacked.

Our principles of unionism obligate us to challenge this injustice and support the communities that need it most. While we fought for and won de-escalation training for officers in our state, we must do more. As we go forward, we demand justice for those slain by police and demand further systemic change before more lives are lost. Now, we demand our agencies to collect and report racial, ethnic, and other demographic data on COVID-19 testing, treatment, and fatality rates just as we’ve done with data on disparities in policing. We will continue the fight for those who are dying from a virus that does not discriminate, but an economic system that does. We must make sure that everyone has access to the health care and safe working conditions that are needed to survive this horrible disease. To emerge from this crisis stronger, we have to join together across racial lines to fight for racial equality.

Karen Hart, President
Tricia Schroeder, Executive Vice President
Cindy Elizalde, Secretary Treasurer