Bob Ferguson for Governor

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No matter where we come from or the color of our skin, Washington works because we do.  We are physical therapists, public defenders, child care providers, paraeducators, school bus drivers, and more.  We make sure that students get the services and supports they need to succeed; that children get high quality child care so their parents can go to work; and patients get the care they need to heal.  Our work is essential – not just during a pandemic, but every day.

In 2024, Washington voters will elect a new Governor.  As public employees, the next Governor of Washington will be not just a partner, but also a boss. Member leaders in SEIU have studied questionnaires and interviewed candidates, and are proud to endorse Bob Ferguson as our next Governor.

“Bob Ferguson is the clear choice for me. He is a good listener, and rather than just reiterating the importance of issues, he had clear ideas of actions he plans to take to make change.” – Jessica Malinowski, Occupational Therapist, UW

As Attorney General, Bob Ferguson has held corporate power accountable.  He has recovered over a billion from Purdue Pharma and pharmacy chains who fueled the opioid crisis, which has gone to improve treatment services in Washington.  He stood up for transparent democracy when a trade association including Coke, Pepsi, and other multinational conglomerates tried to hide their campaign contributions.  His office spearheaded an update to penalties for wage theft violations, and criminally prosecuted violators.

“Bob Ferguson is committed to making child care work for providers and parents when he’s Governor.  He will stand with us for a strong union across the child care industry.” —Maria Rivera, child care provider, Mabton

SEIU 925 members continue to build a strong education foundation for children from birth to graduation, but unfortunately these jobs are too often underpaid and overlooked.  Bob Ferguson will fight for higher wages, reduce barriers to equitable public school funding, and support collective bargaining throughout our state.

“Bob Ferguson has experience working with, listening to, and supporting workers, and his values align with SEIU’s values of creating a more just and humane society.”             –Amanda Pirog, Librarian, UW

Bob Ferguson believes there is no justice without racial justice.  When the Trump administration instituted the Muslim travel ban 2017, Ferguson’s office fought and it was found unconstitutional.  He co-led a successful fight to protect DREAMers from efforts to eliminate DACA.  When Greyhound and Motel 6 were collaborating with ICE and DHS to target Hispanic companies for deportation, he took legal action and recovered millions for Washingtonians who were harassed, detained, or deported.  And he fought landlords’ blanket bans against renting to individuals targeted by the War on Drugs.  He has won victories at the State Supreme Court to improve farmworker wages and has fought harmful and dangerous pesticides that hurt their health and safety.

“Bob Ferguson is the one most ready to become Governor.  He has the experience to lead this state and make it work for us.” –Erin Smelser, paraeducator, LaCenter School District 

As AG, Ferguson has worked closely with SEIU to achieve major victories protecting union and worker rights.  He has partnered with our unions to protect worker information from the Freedom Foundation; to pass a Domestic Workers Bill of Rights and a nation-leading law for financial assistance on hospital care.  He worked with SEIU 6 to seek justice for immigrant janitors who were being taken advantage of by a janitorial services company due to limited English proficiency.

It is essential we have an ally in the Governor’s office who understands the importance of the work SEIU 925 members do and will ensure our voice is at the table.  Bob Ferguson’s record as AG demonstrates that he is the best candidate to fight for us as our next Governor.  SEIU 925 is proud to endorse Bob Ferguson for Governor.