Higher Education

ChapterChapter OfficersContractMisc
University of Washington – Classified staffPresident: Rhonda Johnson

Vice President: Shareatha Escobar
2023 – 2025 contract (effective July 1, 2023)
MOU re: Holidays
University of Washington – IHMEPresident: Sneha Nicholson

Vice President: Louise Penberthy

Secretary: Alix Pletcher 

Contact: ihmestewards@gmail.com
2024 – 2026 ContractMOU Wage Reopener and Recruitment and Retention
University of Washington -Libraries and PressPresident: Chelsea Nesvig

Vice President: Allee Monheim

Secretary: Karen Spence

Contact: stewards.uwlu@gmail.com
2023 – 2026 Contract
Antioch University2023-2026 Contract