K-12 and Public Schools

Chapter Chapter Officers Contract Misc
Anacortes School District 2021-2023 Contract 2021-2023 Wage Schedule
Bellevue School District AISP President: Jacike Wheeler

AISP Vice President: Torry Gower

AISP Secretary: Michelle King

Transportation President: Lawrence Brown
2021-2024 AISP Contract

2021-2024 Nutrition Services Contract

2022-2025 Transportation Contract
Transportation chapter bylaws

Transportation salary schedule 2022-2023
Bellingham School District 2023-2024 Contract
Blaine School District 2021- 2023 Contract
2023-2024 Salary Schedule
Bremerton School District 2021-2024 Contract
Edmonds School District Co-President: Sharon Stumpf

Co-President: Clay Belleman

Vice President: Donna Filbert
2023-2028 Contract (Food Services)

2023-2027 Contract (Custodial, Drivers, Warehouse)
VEBA MOU 2023-2024 (Custodial, Drivers, Warehouse)
Everett School District 2021-2023 Contract
Ferndale School District 2022-2025 Contract 2023-2024 Wage Schedule

MOU re: Non-Workday Call-In

MOU re: Pay Rate, Swing Custodian, Day Custodian
Issaquah School District 2021 – 2024 Contract

Kalama School District Chapter President: Cory Cliffton

Vice President: Michele Jorgenson
2023 – 2025 Contract
KWRL Transportation Co-Op President: Gary Hollingshead 2023-2025 Contract
La Center School District President: Dana Hantho 2022- 2025 Contract
Lake Washington School District President: Marilyn Stodghill 2022 – 2025 Contract
Longview School District
President: Sherry Parsons
2021-2025 Contract
Lynden School District 2021-2023 Contract
2023-2024 Salary Schedule
Marysville School District 2023-2025 Contract (10-Month)

2023-2025 Contract (12-Month)

Nooksack Valley School District 2021-2023 Contract 2023-2024 Salary Schedule
North Kitsap School District 2023-2026 Contract 2023-2024 Salary Schedule
Port Townsend School District 2021-2023 Contract
Renton School District President: Gary Stallman

Vice President: Andrew Spicer

Vice President: Luis Montes
2022-2025 Contract 2023-2024 Salary Schedule
Shoreline School District Custodian, Warehouse, and Grounds 2021-2025 Contract

Food Service 2019-2022 Contract

Transportation 2021-2023 Contract

Salary Schedules:

Custodian, Warehouse, and Grounds 2022-2023 Salary Schedule

Food Service 2022-2023 Schedule

Transportation 2022-2023 Salary Schedule
Sodexo at Port Angeles School District 2021-2024 Contract
South Kitsap School District 2021-2024 Contract 2023-2024 Salary Schedule
South Whidbey 2021-2023 Contract 2022-2023 Salary Schedule
Tukwila School District 2021-2025 Contract
Vancouver School District Chapter President: Jennifer Sailer

Vice President: Cathy Potter

Secretary: Susan Marino

Chapter Sergeant at Arms: Keith Ferderer
2022-2025 Contract
Vashon Island School District 2022-2025 Contract
2022-2025 contrato en espaƱol
2022-2025 Salary Schedule
Winlock School District Chapter President: Angie Hylton 2021-2024 Contract
Woodland School District Chapter President: Dana Preston 2022-2025 Contract