A Labor Day note

As I wrote earlier this year when I took office as our new SEIU 925 President, I continue to be excited and inspired by our union members’ drive to build a better world for all workers. In just eight months since I was sworn in, so much as happened that has built worker power in […]

Executive board authorizes Longview strike vote; Tentative Agreement reached

UPDATE March 28, 2022 ~ The bargaining team is pleased to announce a Tentative Agreement! Information and ratification vote details forthcoming for SEIU 925 members. UPDATE March 26, 2022 ~ After almost 18 hours in mediation, the bargaining team is happy to share that we are super close to a full agreement and a new […]

Our 2022 Legislative Agenda

As COVID first swept Washington, union workers in healthcare, education, and child care stepped up to support our communities.  Many extended existing union contracts – meaning no raises in 2021.  Now, in 2022, the state must fully fund the contracts we bargained to ensure competitive wages and benefits that attract and retain public sector workers. […]

A note from our new president Tricia Schroeder

Welcome to 2022! As the new President of SEIU 925, I am optimistic and excited to enter this new year and continue our union’s commitment to building a better world for all workers. Growing up in the town of Union, WA (yes, really!) I saw hard-working people stretch themselves to the bone but not make […]

A note from retiring president Karen Hart

This is a bittersweet time.  I came to SEIU 925 in 2004 and for the past 11 years have served as your President.  It has been a tough decision, but I am retiring at the end of this year.   I came to SEIU 925 having served as a community and labor organizer and as […]

FAQs re: Washington’s New Public Long-Term Care Insurance Program

WHAT IS WA CARES, AND WHAT IS LONG-TERM CARE INSURANCE? The WA Cares Fund is a new public benefit in Washington State to help people pay for long-term care, a type of care you may need when experiencing an injury, disability, or other health issue that makes it difficult to care for yourself. People with […]

UW vaccination requirement: FAQs

SEIU 925 members have several questions regarding the vaccination policy and our Memorandum of Understanding. We will add to this document if we hear additional questions, or have answers to those we are still researching. The majority of the questions relate to members who are working through their options as to whether or not to […]

Our 2021 Endorsements

To earn SEIU 925’s endorsement, candidates must fill out a questionnaire and sit for an interview where union members ask about their past partnership with unions, how they will advance racial equity at the city, county, or school board level, and their positions on key issues to SEIU 925 members.